Diane Danvers Simmons is a mirror for all women. She has been blessed
with real life experiences; a successful career, marriage, divorce, children,
stepchildren, love, loss and fifty years of living an authentic life. She has
loved and been loved, hurt, and been hurt, lived fearlessly and in fear,
and has come out of it all with purpose and vitality.

She created Own it Feel it Live it®, to help inspire women everywhere to
Own the life you live and the choices you make, Feel what’s in your heart
and soul, however painful or joyous, and Live your life to it’s fullest potential.

Diane grew up in England with all of its traditions, irreverence, and a healthy dose of Monty Python humor. America enticed her from a young age, and as an independent fearless woman in her twenties, Diane came "across the pond" from London to New York. After an accomplished career as a Senior Vice President at Saatchi & Saatchi and then Omni Corp Group in New York and Los Angeles, she married a corporate executive, and soon became a mother, masquerading as a chauffeur, driving the prerequisite SUV, wearing an "I’ll volunteer for anything" sign, while raising two beautiful children and a Golden Retriever.

Though a thoroughly modern woman who enjoys all the privileges and lifestyle of Western society, Diane’s extensive travels have allowed her to gain insight into a variety of cultures and traditions. Whether she is practicing yoga in Morocco, meditation in Big Sur, or Reiki in Ireland, Diane endeavors to push herself to grow both inwardly and outwardly. In her day-to-day work, Diane continues to discover holistic and intuitive lifestyle techniques by recognizing the powerful unity of mind, body, and spirit worldwide.


Drawing from her corporate platform, she has
transitioned her skills into leadership and creative
roles and strives to make a difference in this
world through her community and philanthropic
involvement. Through educational forums and
participation in the teachings of the spiritual leaders
of our time, Diane incorporates a multidimensional
approach blending the best of East and West to
nourish her everyday life, while remaining grounded
in her own style and humor in today’s world.

With the premier of her workshop for women, Spirituality in Stiletto's®, facilitator
Diane Danvers Simmons brings her trademark style of Wit and Wisdom providing a
platform where real women, living real lives, can reignite their spirit and regain their
life balance all while having a "bloody good laugh".

Reiki master,Graduate of Deepak Chopra center programs;Health & Wellbeing,'Journey
into healing'CME, Spiritual growth,"Seduction of Spirit"and SynchroDestiny.
Marketing, Advertising, Film professional,Public speaker, moderator.
Womens Fund Advisory Council member.
Women's Education & Leadership institute mentor.