Feel it is about allowing ourselves to be vulnerable. Only by opening up our heart and our
core can we truly feel all the joy waiting for us.

Once we allow ourselves the freedom to block out the noise, the ego, and let go of the fear,
we can free ourselves to flow with the rhythm of our spirit and the essence of who we truly
are. A real person, not an impersonation of a TV character or what others want us to be.
Once again, we will feel the wisdom of our body and soul, and reconnect to the beliefs that
we will hold true. Feel your emotions and fuel your passions, revive, energize and feel a
healthier, happier you, as your mind, body, and spirit unite!

“The hardest thing for me, a woman fondly called " fidget” as a child, was to
learn to be still. But when I allowed myself, I heard my own voice loud and
clear, reminding me of the dreams I’d put on hold. I replenished my spirit
and body through the freedom of exploration, the stillness of meditation,
the flexibility of yoga, and the energy of dance, and came out whole again.”
Diane Danvers Simmons



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