Cultivating Concious Cultures

Through the power of film, the written and spoken word


Diane, the founder of Own it Feel it Live it, is dedicated to promoting and creating films and media that cultivate conscious cultures, by sharing stories that touch the hearts and minds of the audience to enlighten and change local & global perspectives for the better.


The philosophy of Own it, Feel it, Live it, is actualized through every step of the strategic, creative and production process to ensure we deliver the core of the message in an authentic, impactful, positive way.


Film and media have the power to communicate compelling messages to a broad audience. Diane believes passionately in the importance of conveying stories that deliver beyond the norm of expectations, stories that raise awareness, uplift souls, engage action, and connect people from all walks of life on one universal journey for a brighter future. Own it, Film it, Live it.







Sharing real stories,
for real positive change.


Diane has produced several short meaningful films to shine a light on women and girls. She also consults, serves on and emcees for a number of non-profits, including The Women’s Fund, Girls Health in Girls Hands, Make A Wish, Carmel Film Festival, Sunset Center Community & Performing Arts center.


“[Diane] helped us to craft a video telling insightful personal stories which inspired many to get more involved in our program, get the word out about what we do and continue to motivate people to take action for girl’s health issues. I highly recommend Diane
and her work!”


Eva Holt-Rusmore, GHGH Program Manager, Community Foundation for Monterey County


Please visit the Media page for latest film work.