Own your Power, Feel your Spirit, Live your Life with Wit & Wisdom

Wear the Symbol of Own it, Feel it, Live it, and Feel its Energy Flow through you as
it Reignites, Rebalances, and Unites Mind, Body and Spirit.


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I recreated the Own it, Feel it, Live it as a beautiful piece of jewelry to remind women everywhere that we have everything we need inside us. Its symbol is to be the embodiment of unity and to remind women everywhere to never lose site of her value in this world.

The Own it, Feel it, Live it jewelry line honors the power and beauty of a woman’s spirit. It represents the dignity, strength, and possibilities within us all; as it connects and unites women to one universal heartbeat for a brighter, more enlightened world.

To me, the jewelry is the manifestation of all of the loving support I received from my first workshop attendees, their desire to wear the mantra as a constant reminder, friends, family and the serendipitous heartwarming partnerships I've encountered thus far on my journey. Thank you for believing in our vision!

I've named our first collection of sterling silver pendants and bangles, “Sarvela” for the Made by Survivors women who handcrafted them. Sarvela is Sanskrit for “connected to all”. Through this collection we have been able to connect to and support each of these talented artisans so that they can become independent, “rise up”, let go of their abused past to move forward and live their dreams, today. It is in this way, that each of these women personifies the truth of Own it, Feel it, Live it.



Making a Difference in the Lives of Women and Girls.


Every woman and every girl deserves to follow her dreams. My purpose, passion and promise are to cultivate a movement of positive change and opportunity for women and girls globally.
Percentage of Sales of the jewelry goes towards empowering women and girls to take a leadership role in their life, live in their truth and be independent. Funds and teachings are directed through targeted programs, forums and Foundations to enlighten and raise awareness.
Non-profit and for profit Associations: Made by Survivors, Girls Health in Girls Hands, Women’s Fund, WELI mentorship program, Women in Film.


To order a piece of Jewelry that resonates with your soul and for more information about about Diane Danvers Simmons and her work
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