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Fab Over Fifty My Gutsy Story We Are Human

Parenting your children to own their place in the world
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Stop Trying to Find Yourself, and Be Yourself
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June 12th and Diet.com June 7th 2016

Women in Film

Leading Parallel Lives
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Spirituality in Stilettos: Spiritual Bliss with a 21st Century Twist
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Tips to Help Raise a Citizen of the World
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Spirituality and Style: The Foundation for Confidence
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Spirituality on a Surfboard: Overcoming the
Waves of Fear
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Spirituality And Style: The Foundation
For Confidence
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Spiritual Bliss with a 21st Century Twist
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Spirituality in Stilettos: Spirituality Bliss with a 21st Century Twist
Published on sharecare.com August 15, 2016

5 Mantras To Start Manifesting Empowered Equality In Your Life Right Now

Own it, Feel it, Live it

Own it, Feel it, Live it Short Video

Girl's Health in Girl's Hands
Spirituality in Stilettos (pdf) Monterey Peninsula One Day Workshop  




‘Working with Diane was a great experience, her energy and enthusiasm and creative problem solving were key in forming a finished video product which has been well received by our program participants, our funders and the community at large. She helped us to craft a video telling insightful personal stories which inspired many to get more involved in our program, get the word out about what we do and continue to motivate people to take action for girl’s health issues. I highly recommend Diane and her work!”
-Eva Holt-Rusmore, GHGH Program Manager, Community Foundation for Monterey County


Moderator - Women in Film

"I must thank Diane for her wise and lively moderation of a panel of women geniuses extraordinaire. What an honor for me, as a longtime show biz vet but first time director to be featured among such accomplished and talented women. Many people came up to me after the panel to say that they felt inspired by the upbeat and optimistic message of the conversation, which Diane did such a perfect job of creating. Own it, live it, be it indeed. "
- Cathryn Michon, Actress, writer, director.


I found Diane’s honesty very moving and mind opening. Thanks for being who you are and owning it!