Own it, Feel it, Live it !



Women in Business organizations


• "Thank you “Impower” for having Diane Danvers Simmons as the keynote speaker this week. Diane was a huge hit. I watched everyone, including me, taking notes as she shared key take-away messages woven into her personal story of overcoming obstacles, setting priorities and finding her true self. She is the epitome of her “Own it, Feel it, Live it” program. The content was so relevant to the audience and the quality of her delivery was exceptional. Diane left the stage with us wanting to hear more!"


Tonya Antle
Principal, Tanimura & Antle, Salinas, Ca.
Board of Director-Chairperson, Women’s Fund



• “Diane did an amazing job as keynote speaker, I kept the mantra in my head afterwards: Own it, Feel it, Live it. It’s very powerful!"


Christine A. Dawson, VP Philanthropic Services,
Community Foundation for Monterey County



• "Diane did a phenomenal job as the keynote presenter at the IMPOWER luncheon delivering her message as she kept the audience completely engaged.’ We are so grateful to you for your generosity time and expertise. You helped change lives!! Thank you!!!!!"


Margaret D’arrigo- Martin - co – chair Impower organization, Taylor Farms-Senior Vice President of Community Development.




Young women  – Colleges

    • "It was such a special treat to have Diane Simmons as our keynote speaker at Hartnell College for the Women's Empowerment Conference.  Her presentation was informative, touching, interactive, and invigorative.  The audience of mostly female students were interested in her talk from beginning to the end. The students were inspired by Diane's easygoing mannerism and with her ability to relate to everyone there.  In addition, many were so moved by her life experiences that helped shape her life." 

    "Some of the comments heard were that Diane knew how to make everyone in audience feel important and that they could do anything they set their mind to. With her talk on Own it. Feel it. Live it. everyone there left with a positive outlook of themselves."


Esmeralda Montenegro Owen

Director of Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations | Office of Institutional Advancement


    • "I believe that Diane Danvers Simmons message of, Own it, Feel it, Live it, is the essence of life. Through the teachings of her forums and speeches, Spirituality in Stilettos / Own it Feel It, Live it, I have become aware of whom I am and taken possession of my life. I’m allowing myself to Feel it, as I’ve opened myself up to all possibilities, beyond what I thought my destiny was and I don’t let my insecurities stop me.  Own it, Feel it, Live it has given me confidence, strength and to trust in Diane’s mantra and wish for us all which is, to “Live Life by my very Own Definition.”

Priscilla Amao-Herrea, WELI, Hartnell college Student, now Hartnell College Philanthropy officer



    • "Diane Danvers Simmons delivers an uplifting message and experience for all in the room. Personally I felt connected and empowered with a sense of renewed motivation. Her personal journey and story is a great example of how through extraordinary human spirit and hard work anyone can achieve their goals. I love her mission to help young women and inspire them to feel valued and live life to their full potential. Her inspirational message is something we all can benefit from."


C. Avila - Corporate & Foundation Relations, California State University Monterey Bay






• "Diane Danvers Simmons is the ideal emcee- personable, intelligent, and passionate about the arts and connected to our community. Both her knowledge and sincerity earned her a very positive audience rating. Ms. Danvers-Simmons has a keen sense of audience and has the ability to tailor her message to effectively engage with her listeners."


Christine Sandin, Executive Director, Sunset Cultural center, Carmel, California



    • "Diane provided an engaging, short workshop for Sunset Center's guests. In particular, her "mirroring" exercise provided some revelatory moments for those in attendance. The overall feeling was one of positivity and empowerment!"


Alex Richardson, outreach & marketing, Sunset performing arts Center, Carmel




Women in Film


    • "I must thank Diane for her wise and lively moderation of a panel of women geniuses’ extraordinaire. What an honor for me, as a longtime show biz vet but first time director to be featured among such accomplished and talented Women. Many people came up to me after the panel to say that they felt inspired by the upbeat and optimistic message of the conversation, which Diane did such a perfect job of creating

Own it, Feel it, live it, be it indeed."


Cathryn Michon – Actress, producer and director






    • "Thank you to Diane for the mind, body, spirit expansion day …I love Diane’s program, which has far reaching benefits for all who attend. It was rejuvenating and helped me reconnect to myself." – Lauren



    • "I was sad I was stuck and couldn’t get past the issues in my life. As I stepped in the shower I heard Diane’s mantra…I Owned my responsibility as well as my justifications, I acknowledged my Feelings, and felt a resolve that I could Live with and feel good about …and that all happened before the hot water turned cold!" – Debbie Lent