The Mother & Daughter Connection



This “treat” is designed to enhance the very special love and sometimes delicate bond that we share with our daughters.
Over Four days and three nights, mothers and daughters will have the time to slow down, honor and deepen their relationships as they share parts of themselves often hidden in the fabric of everyday life. Most importantly; through exploration, nourishment, new experiences, and lots of laughter, they’ll reinforce their bond, create traditions and priceless memories that will stand the test of time.


Dishing the Deliciousness of Life


Our Retreat will be held in the beautiful indoor& outdoor environments of the Hudson valley.
We create a safe haven, where mothers & daughters can take the time to re invest in themselves. They will be reminded that our health and happiness cannot be separated from what we eat, what we feel, what we think and what we do.


Own it, time for:

• Exploration of mind body spirit unity for health and happiness.

• The fun, healthy, juicy ways to connect, explore, exercise and eat!

• Investment in yourself, to reignite and regain your life balance.

• Own your choices.


Feel it, through:
• Delicious farm to table cuisine.
• Yoga, meditation & hiking in nature & bodhi studios.
• Nutrition counseling – practical, delicious, sustainable choices.
• Hands on fun cooking and juicing classes, visit to farmers market.
• Pampering – specialized massage/bodywork at the areas number one spa.
• Private reception at “2 Note botanical perfumery & skin care”.


Live it, by:
• Creating your own life flow and nutrition plan that will enhance and improve your every day life.
• Strengthening your relationship with each other through a shared and better understanding of mindful health, nutrition and total well-being.
• Embracing what it is to be present and compassionate as you step into each new life chapter together and face all of life’s thrill and spills.
• Live your life with Wit & Wisdom.


Hosts -Diane Danvers Simmons, founder & spokesperson for Own it Feel it live it & Spirituality in Stilettos and her daughter Natalie Simmons.
Erika Laurion, Nutritionist and Health Chef.


Special summer introductory rate; $1000 per person, maximum, only 14 attendees
[7 mother & daughter pairs]
Treat Dates; June 2016.


Accommodation- 26 Warren B&B, located in the heart of historic Hudson, NY. Artistic, vibrant, foodie, community, surrounded by
the natural beauty of the Hudson Valley.


Detailed Information, availability, and to reserve your “Mother & Daughter Connection on the Hudson” treat, please contact | |