Be inspired to explore, connect, and rediscover the value and joy of investing in yourself in a safe haven, where women share real life stories, intelligent conversation and laugh- out-loud moments. In a clear and concise, but fun manner, Spirituality in Stilettos® will give women the resources, opportunity, and ultimately the knowledge to empower and

make informed choices while recognizing the true pure potential that lies within.

Most importantly, the wisdom that we are capable of extraordinary things at any age!
Join us at Spirituality in Stilettos® for an inspirational
"Treat" and Own it, Feel It, Live it… You’ll Love it!

One Dish, One Discussion, One Dance at a time!

As a mirror for every woman, facilitator
Diane Danvers Simmons brings her
trademark style; a blend of wit and wisdom,
sharing three simple steps for reigniting
your spirit and regaining your life balance:
Own It Feel It Live It®

In this fast-paced, media-overloaded world,
we hunger for truth, balance, clarity,
and authentic growth, with the desire for
spiritual and human connection. But how
do we get there?

Join us for this unique “treat” in a place
to pause and have the conversations we
need the most now, with the freedom
to explore what works for
you and how it enhances
your life.

Imagine a day where you invest in
your reality… not a Hollywood
producer’s. Where you rediscover your
Own voice, without having to compete
for it to be heard. Where you kick off those
worn out shoes that constrain you and Feel
your mind, body, and spirit flow so freely
that even your favorite talk show host would
welcome you to dance on their stage.

A day to laugh out loud, stretch, groan,
grow, glow, and cry. Live life to your fullest
potential and experience what it truly
means to Live again.

Take the first step to reconnect to your
greatest source of knowledge.
Your true home: YOU !














Because it’s never too late to create the life you want at any age...

Get ready to strut down life’s runway dressed in your own truth and embrace your own
Spirituality in Stilettos®


Own your Power, Feel your Spirit, Live your Life with Wit and Wisdom


Now booking Spirituality in Stillettos workshops in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York and Internationally.Call for dates and to arrange a workshop in your area.


for customized group treats in your area!



June 1st, 4th & 8th
Spirituality in Stilettos Own it Feel it Live it three session program {2 hours per session} Sunset center, OM Oasis yoga, Wine Tasting Room


June 1th or June 10th
Spirituality in Stilettos half day forum
Balancing & connecting mind, body & spirit in the modern World with Wit & Wisdom
Sunset Center and Carmel, CA


Sign up via diane@ownitfeelitlive